I am a flipping Genius.

I don’t usually like to toot my own horn, at least not as loudly as I am about to do. And no I am not at the world cup with a vuvuzela. I am thrilled because I just ate my very first lemon meringue cupcake sans the meringue. I like to think that I invented it since I haven’t had or heard of anything like this before. If you have, please don’t tell me as I am all rain dancing in my thunder and I won’t have it stolen.

“What is a lemon meringue cupcake?”, you ask. Well let me tell you. It is a lemony cake filled with ooey gooey lemony goodness topped with a lemon whipped cream frosting topped with a sour candy (preferably lemon). I would show you a picture but my camera is less than awesome, so you will need the camera of your mind.

To make this you will need the following:
1 lemon box cake and ingredients
1 container of jumbo paper liners
1 muffin tin
1 set of 12 silicone mini muffin liners
some weights (stuff to keep the silicone liners in their place, yellow split peas were what I had but you can use beans or pie weights.)
a recipe for lemon curd or a box of lemon meringue pie filling.

1. make you box cake (or home made cake) following instructions.
2. Line your muffin tin with paper liners
3. fill cups half way
4. place silicone mini muffin liners in the center of each half filled cupcake.
5. with a table spoon fill the mini muffin liners with weights (yellow split peas)
6. bake cupcakes at 350 for 20 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes and remove silicone liners. That should give you a well to put your lemon curd in.
7. While cupcakes are cooling make your lemon curd. Fill the wells with a tablespoon and a bit. Then chill for at least an hour. I did over night.
8 Make your whipped cream frosting using 2 cups cream, 3/4 cup icing sugar and 2 tbsp lemon juice.
9. Frost your cakes and top with candy.

I chose whipped cream because meringue is hit and miss with kids. The cupcakes need to be refrigerated until served because of the whipped cream.

I would like to thank Tweedle E for coming up with the idea and inspiring me to my moment of greatness. Thank you boy for making this necessary and possible.


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