One of the ways to tell the difference between someone from Calgary and someone from Edmonton (at least while I was growing up) was the way they expressed themselves. Both cities are in Alberta and are relatively close to one another. They are divided by their rivalry and a mere 300k. Calgarians and Edmontonians listened to the same music, watched the same movies and wore similar clothing and yet they did not speak the same. When ever something great happened Calgarians referred to it as “wicked”. I’m not entirely sure what we Edmontonians used to express awesomeness, but it wasn’t the word “wicked”.

So a couple of weeks ago I got to go visit my sister in New York. She lives on long Island and was gracious in taking me to see the big City (as my nephew calls it). We made a day of it. We saw some site and we saw a show. A real live actual Broadway Show. You may think I am making a bigger deal of this than needs to be, but you have to realize where I am coming from.

I hale from Edmonton. I am the oldest of a somewhat large all girl family (my poor dad) and we could never afford to take the whole gang on a plane anywhere. We went on vacations, but it was always road trips. I’m not complaining. I like road trips… sort of… I hate packing for them. But I digress. The thought that I, me, would ever be in New York City let alone see a play was impossible.

So we went to Wicked. Some who know me may think it kind of strange that I chose to see a play that is a variation on one of my most hated movies, stories, of all time. I think its the flying monkeys that get me. I still didn’t like them all that much in the play, but the story was so cleaver and the singing so good that I am willing to overlook the flying monkeys for now.

It was funny walking into the theater. I had forgotten that Kim and I were wearing matching shirts (Martha’s Fault) and they were green no less. We got some funny looks. Maybe people thought we were fans of the Emerald City or something. Anyway my seats were good and by good I mean awesome. We sat in the center on the floor in front of the stage. Wen I ordered my tickets the computer told me that I would be on the second balcony somewhere in the center. What luck.

My favorite part was the Defying Gravity scene near the end of the first half. As Elphaba rose higher and sang stronger I was moved. My other favorite songs were “What is this feeling?” and “Popular”.

My sister gave me a copy of the soundtrack and I have to say I am a little disappointed in it. The recording wasn’t a live recording so the effort behind the acting and the singing isn’t as strong. Its still good and Defying Gravity made my ipod running list. I think that song is perfect for hills. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn’t sneak a picture of the theater on the inside.

I guess if I could sum up my experience I would say it was “wicked.” I think I have lived in Calgary long enough to be able to use their vernacular.


One thought on “Wicked

  1. that’s totally wicked awesome! nothing really compare to live performances, that’s the beauty of it. I hate those flying monkeys too. glad you had such a fun time you lucky girl!

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