Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Martha

Viewing a talk show is harder than one might think.

First there is getting the tickets. Each show has their own application process and some have a waiting list as long as a year.

Then there is the attire. One must dress the way the producers request. If you don’t or if they don’t like what you wear, some producer will cover your cute top you purchased for the event with a manly button up collar shirt all because it is the wrong colour. Its true, I’ve seen it done. And by wrong colour I mean, they messed up the seating arrangement but didn’t notice it until everyone was seated so instead of moving the whole audience around, they just cover your top. The top you spent hours buying and and told everyone you would be wearing, so they could recognize you as the camera quickly pans the audience. Glad I wasn’t that person.

Finally there is the clapping. Who knew there were so many different types of clapping? There is loud cheering clapping, medium clapping and finally just clapping. There is also ooohhhing and awwwing as well as yummmmming. The floor director and the warm up dude have a hand signal for all. After an hour and a half of forced clapping and chearing I was done. I didn’t even wooohooo during the 5 second count in from commercial because I’m sort of rebellious that way and I was tired of it.

Things that surprised me:

1. There are 5 cameras and about 10 people, 3 with cue cards, surrounding Martha during the opening segment. That was more people in her face than I thought there would be.

2. Martha’s legs are super skinny. She just wears loose tops giving her a heavier appearance.

3. Even she and her sister had difficulty coordinating exact colours. One wore Navy the other wore black.

4. So much set prep and cleaning goes on before the show. What I thought was a clean kitchen apparently wasn’t becuase the had worker wiping all surfaces down and drying plates, and arranging plants and moving fruit. Unfortunately a person forgot to restock the Kleenex. Martha had a moment and taping stopped. Some poor assistant had to run through the studio to ,find Kleenex. She remained calm and kind but I bet someone was sacked for forgetting the tissue.

5. Its been a while since I have seen the show as Canada doesn’t seem to carry it (at least in my location) I forgot most Diva’s are not interviewers, they are interrupters. She got better as the hour and a half went on, but in the beginning, a guest would be two words into an answer to her question and she would ask another or comment or something.

All in all it was interesting to see what is involved with filming a show, and if you look carefully on the 20th of May you might see the two of us (my sister and I) clapping and woohooing in the upper seats. We are just 3 or 4 rows up from the children who got lots of air time.


3 thoughts on “Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Martha

  1. I will be watching on May 20th (even though I never watch Martha. I don’t watch much TV for me during the day at all.) and hopefully we’ll catch a glimpse of you! 🙂

  2. My friend used to be work for the Martha Stewart show in NY, apparently she is a little scary so the Keenex person probably did get canned. I am glad you had a good time though.

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