I am sitting here in the dark. Only the light from the monitor to guide my fingers across the keys. I am wondering why I am doing this all hunched and squinting at the keyboard. The light switch is only a few steps away. Maybe its the fact that all my children are sleeping, and any change in sound or light might wake them up. That would be a travesty as I really need my sleep.

Then why am I here if I should be sleeping?

Truth be told I am killing time till the husband comes home. He is at another meeting. I am ok with all the meetings, I like the quiet. I just don’t like to go to bed without him. It has always been this way.


3 thoughts on “Dark

  1. Monitors can actually provide a lot of light. And if you are a touch typist, sitting in the dark shouldn’t matter. Should it?

  2. He never waits up for me, but I wait up for him. Once in a while I try to go to bed without him, but I’m still awake until he gets in bed. Once the snoring starts, I’m comfortable and can sleep. Funny how the same thing that keeps me awake so much of the time is the one thing that can get me to sleep.

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