Thats How We Roll.

Holidays are often fraught filled with tradition. At Christmas time there is caroling, gingerbread house making, pageant seeing and baking. Oh yes the baking. Then there is Easter. For Easter there is the ham (or lamb), the egg colouring, the egg hunting and even egg rolling. Yes the egg rolling.

When I was younger we would climb the highest hill and roll the eggs we had so carefully coloured down said hill. We would have contests to see who’s egg rolled the farthest, lasted the longest, got to the bottom first etc. After descending and ascending the hill numerous times, someone would get tired and wait at the bottom to catch all the eggs. This is where it got fun. My cousin was famous for not boiling her eggs long enough. The first year it happened she cried a bit, mostly out of embarrassment. The subsequent years there was laughter and inevitably someone would yell “The Yokes on _____”. For the egg would only seem to bust when one was at the bottom catching it.

Last year we didn’t roll. So when I said “hey lets roll some eggs.” Mr. Wonderful kinda crinkled his face. Its not his thing. As it turns out every time my family got together to roll eggs with the kids he was working. That was back in the day of full time school and shift work. It had never occurred to me he hadn’t done it. Oh well. So I took the kids and some other egg enthusiasts (opa, Rach, Justin Braden and Penny) to our backyard hill. We rolled the eggs and they held up pretty well until Tweedle E decided it was cool to smash is egg on the cement. After eating (we aren’t completely wasteful) we got introduce to egg wars. You’ll have to get Braden to teach you how to do egg wars. I had planned to get more photos but when my camera battery dies, it dies fast. So all I have is this.

Just so you know the survivours will be put into my potato salad tomorrow. Mmmm potato salad.


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