Exhaustion +Illness= revelation. I knew Tweedle D had suspected for sometime now that Santa and the Easter Bunny were not real (at least in santa and easter bunny form). This year in the isles of the dollar store he grew up just a little bit more. I was sick at home napping, Tweedle E and Tweedle 3 were napping as well. This was the perfect time to go and get candy. Mr. Wonderful took the eldest and they picked out together things that they would hide for the hunt. The final growth (where easter bunny is concerned, after all he is 10) happened when he had to help hide the coloured eggs and candy. I tried I really did. I tried to get up early enough and shower my “ick” off, but I didn’t. The others arose too soon and Mr. Wonderful’s “fog” hadn’t quite lifted. Note to self when trying to lie to your children put the chocolate out before you go to bed.

We managed to keep Tweedle E’s belief intact. We made him shower which bought us some time to hide the eggs and put the chocolate out. He, however, was a little disenchanted at the fact that there were no Jelly Beans or Robins eggs. Its only a matter of time for him.

Tweedle 3 just liked finding things and re-hiding them. He’s got a few more years… I hope.


One thought on “Believers

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Alyson. I remember the day a few years ago where we went through the exact same thing. It’s true, you have to hide the candy the night before. 🙂

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