And The Oscar goes to…

The only movies I saw that were nominated for anything this year were UP, Coraline, Julie and Julia and Star Trek. I think I am one of the only person in the world, besides Mr. Wonderful, and a few kids in Africa, that has not seen Avitar and frankly the more I hear about it, the more I don’t want to see it. That being said I think I am just as qualified as anyone to judge how the show went. Mind you I only saw snippets as Mr. Wonderful hates award shows and he was holding the remote.


First thing I want to say say is all looked beautiful. Come on its hollywood. Even on their worst days they still look beautiful. However there was no originality. Everyone (and by everyone I mean most) wore strapless princess gowns in Boring colours. In a room full of beautiful people wearing the same things you just blend.

Second: If you are going to wear strapless at least have the goods (and by good I mean chest, tape, glue etc.) to hold up your dress. There is nothing less classy than a female constantly shimmying her dress up. It really takes away from the look.

Third: Anyone under the age of 35 tended to slouch. Fo gosh sakes girls stand up. Look confident.

Forth: The hair. not everyone can pull off the tousled look and some looked like they missed the bus on the way to the awards show. However for hair I liked MS. Bullocks, MS Bigalow and MS. Diaz’s hair.

The tributes were kind lame however I did like seeing Anthony Michael Hall and not recognizing him at first. Man has he ever filled out. Molly Ringwald looked terrified and not quite stable. I’m going to say it was the shoes and the fact that she hasn’t really been in public life for a while (as far as I know).

As for the blunder of forgetting Farrah Fawcett and to some degree Bea Arthur and Ed McMahon on the memorium, I am sure someone is kicking themselves this morning. MS. Fawcett had the unfortunate (for lack of a better word) luck of dyeing on the same day as MJ and as prophecy foretold will be forgotten because of it.

I know this is a “timed” show, but these people get one chance to thank people and the mic is turned off. Some didn’t even get to thank people. Then we have useless wastes of time in the rather lame disconnected jokes that went on throughout the show.

As for Mo’niques speach… not political my eye. If Oprah touches something you sure can bet it will be political. I am sure her performance was great and from what I could see in the trailer it was really good. But lets be real.

I love Sandra Bullocks speach she was touching and funny. I am sure it was deserved but again I didn’t see the movie. I just wonder if Meryl Streep wasn’t such a good actress she might be honored more often with actually giving her the oscar. Is it possible to be too good to receive the award?

Was that Kayla from so you think you can dance who was dancing to the song from UP?


2 thoughts on “And The Oscar goes to…

  1. we haven’t seen Avatar yet, either. Ches really wants to see it, I won’t see it without him, he never has time/money to see it… whatever.

    I read several articles about the whole tribute thing. They can only fit 30 people/names each year and there are a couple hundred Academy members that die each year. They have to pick and choose and sometimes that includes some of the big names like Farrah Fawcett being left out for someone who contributed more to movies than to TV. Just don’t ask me why they felt MJ contributed SO much to film… Either way, it would suck to be the one who has to make those decision each year. (It’s one guy who makes the final decision and he takes all the phone calls from upset families personally)

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