Mini click

So for the past few weeks I have been trying to get good pictures of our frosty mornings. Twice I had the battery die on me. Once my compositions weren’t composed. But today, the light was so great. just a hint of sun was coming through casting a warmish glow on everything. Not too warm mind you. Guess what. I couldn’t find my camera… but I had my trusty cell phone. So after about 7 shots of my backyard, I got two that I was kind pleased with. The irony is that my subjects were weeds that I hadn’t got to because of my massive back yard.

I was all excited about them and planned framing them with my sepia tulip I took last year. I got them onto my computer and…

Phhhhughh. That is the sound of my deflated plans wooshing away. Maybe I could make my own stamp collection with these. I have really got to be more prepared and bring a real camera.


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