Now Ways, No Means

We are so trying to be frugal here in wonderland. But this sucks. I never realized how much I nickle and dime myself to debt death. Mister Wonderful doesn’t get paid until friday and unless it is a necessity I cannot buy anything till then. Just so happens that this month there was two school ski trips to pay for, a dentist to pay, and Tweedle D just blew out another pair of shoes. So even if I want to buy something I couldn’t. I think I have like $40 left and Jesse needs diapers. I am hoping to wait until friday but really I’m cutting it kinda close.

I don’t mean to whine. I truely believe in living within our means. I think there is a maturity in being able to make the hard choices and delaying gratification. I have gotten pretty good at saying NO in the last week. It really stinks at first, but shortly after, I’m all “did you see what I just did? I am such a grown up.” There is confidence that is gained when one can manage their finances.

That being said… Hello Government. Budget?… seriously. I know no one wants to return to the 90s including myself but its time to grow up and make the hard choices. We haven’t the means so there should be no way that you increase spending.

There I’m done.


3 thoughts on “Now Ways, No Means

  1. We’ve had many discussions on living within one’s means as of late. We don’t live in a world that lives within it’s means. We don’t teach this as a society.
    Good for you for stepping up to it….no matter how hard and how frustrating it can be…good for you!

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