Haitian Relief

I am often amazed at our church’s ability to organize and help in the relief of those suffering in far away countries. Because we are a worldwide church, we often have people on the ground organized before major aid gets in. In a press release the First Presidency has made an appeal to the worldwide membership for help.

Should you feel the desire to donate to the cause click here.

If you would like to give in another way one can put together Hygiene Kits, New Born kits, or School Kits and send them to:
Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center
1665 Bennett Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

By the By I totally ripped this post of Kerflop. I hope she doesn’t mind. I am willing to bet that she doesn’t as every little bit helps. I am a little excited about putting together a New Born kit. It will be nice to get sewing again and helping out at the same time. If you wanna join me let me know. The more the merrier.


2 thoughts on “Haitian Relief

  1. I saw John Travolta on Letterman last night and he talked about how he flew a load or two to Haiti and then stayed as a thug to make sure the items he brought stayed with who they were supposed to. Apparently it is a huge problem. He implored anyone that is giving donations to make sure to donate to credible agencies who have the system in place to GUARD the items they are sending. Isn’t that such a shame that he has to say that out loud? Unfortunately, Haiti needed this kind of attention BEFORE the earthquake and the only way the planet took notice was through a natural disaster.

  2. Awesome post Alyson! My midwife is heading to Haiti to help out for a while which I think is so awesome. Also a friend of mine is having a series of Ebay auctions where a percentage will benefit the American Red Cross helping relief in Haiti – she has an ebay store and sells children’s clothes from stores like Gymboree. I have details on my blog if anyone is interested.

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