Operation Love at Home

This past month I was to focus on making my life at home better. Become a better mother, and understand what is required to do that. This past couple of weeks I chose to focus on my relationship with Tweedle E.

I worry about him. Not that he is deficient in anyway, but some how it feels as though the odds are stacked against him. He is loving and kind. He is a very sensitive boy, but he is also the most stubborn, the most driven by impulse, the quickest to lose his temper and is not likely to foresee any consequences of his actions.

These behaviors make it hard not to pick, or criticize or express my frustration. These can be a heavy burden for him to carry especially since I am not the only one who will overcorrect.

My plan was to start leaving notes in his lunch telling him that I think he is a super kid and telling him I love him lest he esteem me to be his enemy. Alas my plan has been thwarted. Ok maybe not thwarted, but today was the day my experiment was to begin. Guess who is home sick.

I suppose I could leave him a note on his pillow, but then the other older Tweedle will be wondering where his note is, thus leading to a discourse on the virtue of fairness. By the by this month in school the boys are learning about fairness.

Maybe I will make them some cookies. Feed them with love. Yah Thats the ticket.



One thought on “Operation Love at Home

  1. It’s hard, isn’t it? This parenting business…who knew that each child would be so different?! We live that too.
    Your boys might be too young for it yet, but one thing that really struck me was when my sister…who has 4 kids one with ADHD….explained that fair and equal are two different things. Fair is not equal and fair is more important than equal. It’s a fine line. And one I try to remember…that it’s fair because each child has different needs.
    You’re doing great Alyson! Keep on sharing the love!

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