Wishing for Anonymity

Do you ever wish you were anonymous and could just vent all of the injustice you feel right in the moment you are feeling it? Have you ever been so frustrated for helping someone and having them call you repeatedly to tell you something they signed and agree to do is not their problem? Somehow it has become yours. Yah me neither.

By the way I am contemplating setting up an anonymous blog. Just contemplating. So don’t go looking for me cause I’m not there. Yet.


6 thoughts on “Wishing for Anonymity

  1. There are a lot of anonymous blogs out there. Mine is one (http://ventanon.com) there is also ventnation.com muttr.com tellurboss.com ventyourvenom.com

    It’s a great idea, and apparently a much needed service. If you do set one up, let me know what it is… even though it’ll be a ‘competitor’ it’s still nice to give my readers a selection of sites to check out if I can’t offer them what they want.

      • Which removes the anonymity if you have to personally give out the password.

        I see your point with regard to private posting for telling certain people about things that happened. and maybe the initial point of the post would fit in nicely with what you are suggesting, I was just trying to cover anonymity posts.

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