With Glowing Hearts…

Today (Jan 18) we went to see the olympic torch ralk (run+walk) by. Base camp was set a Mcdonalds on McLeod Trail and 38th Ave.

The kids were pretty excited and it appears we have a patriot on our hands.

The weather was great, better than the last time the torch passed this way 22 years ago. Mr. Wonderful even wore a T-shirt. Although he admits now it might have been wiser to go and get his light jacket.

The event was not with out promotional swag, which we came home with more than I care to mention. I suspect about 50% will make it in the trash this week.

The Boys got an awesome opportunity to hold a Torch (not the torch). Its heavier than I thought.

I am torn though. The boys got glowy coke bottles but only two. There are three of them. I have had to remove them from sight as they bring on so much contention. Do I try to find someone I know down the line to get me another coke bottle, which I really don’t want or do I leave them forever hidden so they will not fight?

Note to self:For future, a 2 year old really does care and so does the 10 and 8 year old. Get all of them one.


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