Merry Merry and all That Jazz

Christmas seems shorter this year. I didn’t get to relax. I didn’t get the baking done I wanted too. I didn’t get even finish decorating the tree. I had this theme I was gong for… gingerbread men ornaments with little red bows, silver stars, and white lights. The stars made it on and so did the lights (although they were twinkly and I didn’t want twinkly), but no men with little red bows. And yet… Christmas came just the same.

The boys were spoiled, although one little elf might not think so. He wanted an ipod Touch, well so did his mom and she wasn’t getting one. He had to settle for a snowboard which he so nicely enlightened me on the 23rd that he hates snowboards. Well he is learning to deal. For one that hates snowboards he certainly spends a lot of time practicing tail grabs in my living room. I swear I though the bookshelf was falling with all that ruckus.

We spent some time with family, first with Tim’s parents and Sister. Roads were excellent. Unlike last year where we saw spin-out after spinout. Then the plans took us to my parents house were much hilarity ensued. But what happens in Raymond stays in Raymond. Ok. maybe not true, but some food was knocked out of my hand whilst en route to my mouth.


4 thoughts on “Merry Merry and all That Jazz

    • No I didn’t my sister in law did. She used one of those round loom things to do it and was done all lickitty split. I am in the process of making a touque though, but I wanted to lean it old school first. So I am knitting with 5 needles right now. Its still going fast I should be done some time next week if the world doesn’t fall apart.

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