The Process

This year I am going to cut myself some slack. I am not going to worry about my weight (take that Jenny Craig). I am not going to expect myself to quit things cold turkey, I have found that is impossible for me. It took me 36 years to get me where I am today and I can’t change over night. That is not to say that change won’t happen. Over the next year, and it could possibly take a year or more, I am going to work on two things. One seemingly simple, the other not so much but both will be character building.

First, I am going to remove the word “CRAP” from my vocabulary. I find myself actually cringing each time I hear my mouth say it. Its an abrasive filler word. I think it is high time I grow up and be more of a lady. I don’t like hearing my kids say it either so I need to set the example.

Second, now brace yourselves, sometimes I am a yeller. I don’t want to be a yeller and I was doing well for a while. But we moved into this house where sound doesn’t travel well. I can be literally 6 ft away and the person I am talking to cannot hear me. I used to raise my voice so they could hear me, that didn’t work so I would try it again, each time my frustration level increasing because there is nothing I hate more than repeat myself. So now I am going to try to walk to the person to say something. I can’t however blame it all on the house. So with much prayer for patients I am going to try to not lose my temper. I see how it crushes my boys and I don’t want them to be yelling daddies either so again it starts with me. This one will definitely take some time.

I will work on these things until they are done. After that I can look at my weight. Since the youngest is 2.5 years, I should have this licked in another 16. No more resolutions for 16 years how relieving is that?


2 thoughts on “The Process

  1. You are such an inspiration. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of thought into how you see yourself and how you’d like to see yourself in the future. I also love that you don’t take yourself too seriously — no more resolutions for 16 years? that’s perfection.

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