After my last post one might wonder why even stop by the Wonderland. So without further ado I will release you from your obligations and without even asking for your first born lest ye have a girl. Emily thats you. I have no girls of my own. Oh wait there are two Emilys (or is that Emili) and should there be a chance that both are reading. I mean you.

I am not normally in the business of babies and rethinking the proposition I just made I shall distract you with something shiny, or fuzzy cause it has been cold outside. How about a nice fuzzy bear that you can cuddle up to and caress. You like bears don’t you?

Now that all of you are gone I will post my advent for today. To complete the trinity, I give you The Escape Clause. Everyone needs a way out, a plan B. Most don’t take it as I hope none of you will, but nevertheless the option is there.

Let it be known that this is the least favorite of the The Santa Clause Movies. I do enjoy Tim Allen and the cast but Frost was stretching it a bit. Ann Margaret however gives a nice sample of her voice.


One thought on “Exodus

  1. Sweet. I rented this yesterday in hopes of watching it today. I think I’m all caught up on your movie advent (except for the P&P. I *still* can’t find a copy of the A&E version and I’m feeling quite put out about it.)

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