No Time and Making Time.

Yesterday was a day of extreme busyness. Doctor’s appointment for my hip, Dinner for the youth, carpooling, shopping for shorts. Ugh. So I didn’t have time to watch a movie for my advent. Thats ok I think I needed a break from my TV. My Eyes were getting square.

So about my hip… I am at about 70% functionality. I can walk and run without pain but I have an ache when the air gets cold or when I am lying in certain positions. Turns out I am a bit of a lazy bum and need to strengthen my muscles so I have been ordered some physiotherapy and accupunture. Don’t know when that will happen as I need some more time, but I don’t like feeling old so, it really sucks when you say “I feel it in my hip when its cold.” I better make time.

Speaking about making time a little while ago Tweedle 3 thought he would make time for breakfast. He put both my magnetic kitchen timers in the toaster, one in each slot, and pressed the button. The cheaper Ikea timer got the worst of it. My thermometer/ timer still works on the timer setting. I will use it until it is dead, because I can’t get the batteries out. The door is melted. I think I should be keeping a better eye on him.

Todays Advent I think will be a Christmas Story.

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