Day 7

Man maybe I should rethink this movie advent thing. I can feel myself getting dumber. I’m not watching more “T.V.” than normal, in fact I am watching less but I can feel my brain getting slower. Maybe its all the treats I’ve been eating. Anyway something is causing this and book club should be fun tomorrow for how does one sound intelligent when ones brain stops working after 8:00. At least I’ll have a half hour to get my thoughts out.

That being said todays movie was

Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. Thats something I can get on board with. A story about genetic mutants making the best of a situation and eventually saving Christmas. Wait this is starting to sound familiar. Isn’t this the plot to X-men. Just change Christmas to the WORLD and Rudolph to Wolverine and BAM you have got a blockbuster. I guess that would make Xavier Santa.

Told you my brain is fried.


2 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. That is a very good comparison and one I never would have come up with. Then again, not everyone in the Rudolph story is a genetic mutant, though I guess they are all misfits, which is close enough.

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