Much A Do and Tree Implants.

So I’ve got this son, he is out at ECO school in the Kaninaskis (sp?) area having a marvy time working with his classmates playing predator prey and all that. He has been there since tuesday and although much quieter the house is, we are ready for him to come back. Unfortunately the weather is of a disagreeable nature and is getting worse. So far the word is they are leaving a half hour earlier than planned. So I will sit and wait.


On to more happy things.

So this tree I have had for 8 years disappoints me every time I put it up. I see all of these lovely full trees at friends houses and in the mall and I confess I covet. I don’t really want someone else’s tree I want my own. I never begrudge anyone their tree. I don’t think it is too much to ask to have a nice evenly formed tall full tree that you cannot easily put your arm through and touch the wall behind, but that is what I got cause that was all I could afford.

This year I was discussing my plight with my soeur and she suggested wrapping a garland (which will forever be know as tree implants or hair pieces for trees) around the tree before decorating. I must admit I was skeptical but I did have a garland so I thought I would give it a try. Well it is a 100X better. Still not the awesome lifelike I found at the bay for $500 or something passable at superstore for $200, but it is better and for $7 fits right in my conscience and pocketbook. Hey if it works for your chest to beef up your look or if it works for your head to make it look fuller, than why not your tree?


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