This time of year can be hard for those who have lost loved ones. Both my parents lost their mothers during the holiday season. Today is the anniversary of my maternal grandmother’s death and I think 19 days from now will be the anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death.

My Grandma H. (Betty) was born in southern Utah. She was the mother of 8 children (7 girls 1 boy). She and my grandpa lived in southern Idaho in a town called Kimberly just outside Twin falls. From what I gather life was rough for them. My grandfather had many health concerns and they were poor.

I don’t know much about her because we lived far away but this is what I do know. She was a smart lady. She left home when she was young and became a nurse. She was a hard worker she had to be. She was self reliant. She taught my mother to can and preserve for the winter. Growing up my mother would say, “By the time I was 13, my mother made sure I knew enough to run the household.” This was a trait my mother tried to pass on to us girls. Some of it stuck. She was a funny lady. I think I may have gotten some of my wit from that side of the family. One birthday she sent me a card that said, “They broke the mold after you were born… then they tried to kill the man who made the mold.” Well I thought it was funny.

Grandma and Grandpa would come to visit us once in a while and when she was there she made us work, but she also taught me to crochet. Too bad neither of it stuck. Speaking of crochet, she made every granddaughter an afghan. There were a lot of granddaughters. My mom alone had five girls.

I wish I had gotten to know her better. I’m sure she had some great stories.


2 thoughts on “Betty

  1. Nice post. My two oldest have afghans that she made. You are fortunate to be old enough to remember your grandparents. I still laugh when I hear the primary song ” Mother dear I love You so….” We would sing it when she took out her dentures. She would laugh and try and be mad without her teeth in. The girls would be the Sunshine girls and buy little gifts for her. When she worked at the hospital, we would lay out a place setting and something for her to eat when she got home late at night. She did teach us self reliance and those long forgotten homemaking skills that are lost on the current generation. Snickerdoodles, honey taffy and toodle and noodle casserole are some of the things I make that are directly related to my childhood.
    We ought to write more of the stories down and share so our posterity can have a glimpse into their lives.
    Thanks Alyson!

  2. thanks for that post Alyson. I remember even less than you but I do remember Grandpa Harper singing My Bonnie lies over the ocean. I remember the dogs…I wanted one so bad. I remember Grandma being horrified by my attempt at sewing…I misunderstood the instruction and I think my end product would have been enough to have me assessed by an occupational therapist in this day and age. It makes me laugh now. Unfortunately my sewing isn’t much better.
    When I smell apricots, I think of Kimberly Idaho and Hansen at aunt Carols house…and ear-wigs. I remember Grandpa Harper’s funeral with so many members of the family gathered together I still have my afghan and my wooden stool that Grandpa harper made.
    Thanks for the memories.

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