Side Effects

The day with the needle went well. The needle didn’t hurt much if at all. All three boys and myself took it well.

A few hours after…my arm started to ache. So did the older boys. The youngest tweedle wasn’t complaining of arm hurts so I guess it didn’t bother him.

That night Tweedle three was a little warm but notthing alarming.

The Next day my arm was a little sore but nothing like the day before. As for the boys Tweedle D was the only one who asked for Tylenol. Tweedle E said his didn’t hurt enough to take meds.

That night Tweedle 3 didn’t sleep and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a side effect to the shot, but man were he and I irritable.

Yesterday Tweedle E is the only one saying his arm is a little sore.

Today…nothing. So that is the extent of the misery that is a vaccination in my house.

This is purely for science. Also if you should decide to vaccinate make sure you have some pain relief for the sore arm. Some people have stated at school that their sore arms lasted for at least 3 days. I still say its better than puking my guts out.

Now if we can still keep away from this “bug” until 2 weeks after Dec 11 as Tweedle 3 will not reach full immunity till then. The rest will be fine by Dec 4.


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