Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

I don’t think that Pat Benatar (Patricia Andrzejewski) was thinking of vaccinations when she wrote the song, but I found it fitting.

Today was the first day the opened up the vaccinations to healthy people under the age of 18 and their parents.Yay thats us. Being so disappointed for the cancellation of the last party (they closed the clinics the day I was going to go) I decided its now or never despite the news of a “bad batch.

I pulled the kids out at 10:30 am. Got them snacks drove 2 minutes to the clinic walked in and promptly gave a press conference. Ok not a press conference really, but I was asked a few questions (4-5) and then they (CBC) took footage of us lining up.

We walked to the table, received our forms, filled them out. Then we walked to a guard who escorted us to a table. We were given the shot.

Tweedle E was the most nervous and by nervous I mean crying and trying to wrestle himself away. As soon as the needle went in he was all “That didn’t even hurt.”

Tweedle 3 was next. He was more interested in what was going on around him. When he was done he asked if he could do it again. I know weird.

Tweedle D was brave, but still wanted me. “I know I can do it but I just want to sit on your lap cause you are all squishy.” Yah I don’t know what to say either. He was looking away when the needle happened and didn’t even feel it. He asked the guy if he was done already.

Now it was my turn, I wasn’t scared but the boys felt they needed to comfort me. Tweedle E held my hand Tweedle D was offering me word of encouragement and Tweedle 3 seeing his brothers actions came and rubbed my leg saying “Its OK. Its OK.” They are so sweet and funny. I was told I have Brave Good Boys. I’m just lucky I guess.

We waited the usual 15 minutes and got our party after all. For some reason Tweedle 3 decided this was the perfect place to dance. I look over and there he is braking with his Bros around him saying “Go Jesse, Go jesse.”

The funniest part of it all is the boys. They were all, “I wonder if we are going to be on TV?” Tweedle E kept saying he made sure that he was standing in the light. Sure enough we were on TV. The got us going through the line and a small portion of my interview. The funny part was before they started they asked me to say and spell my name so that they get it right for TV. When my spot came on it said Glen Armstrong. Hmmm. Anyway I’m just glad I decided to wear make up an comb my hair.


5 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

  1. Since I don’t get Calgary news here in NY I found it all on line. However, you were your actual self and not Glen. Sorry, I know it was fun being Glen while it lasted.

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