This past weekend my in-laws stayed with us. We got to double date, shop, visit, and yes we got to Geocache. For those who don’t know geocaching is a sort of treasure hunt that you do using GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates. Someone hides a treasure (cache) and records the GPS location and posts it. We look it up type in the GPS coordinates into our GPS navigator and go find it.

It was fun. It took us longer than we thought it would but we found it. I felt it was important to have success the first time and thank goodness we persisted because the cache was hidden in the BEST PLACE EVER…a hollowed out tree stump. I have fantasies about hiding things in hollowed out tree stump. The cache was large and easy to find once we got to the location.

So go ahead world… do your best. If you hide it we will find it. We are going to become the best lookers ever (a skill my boy’s future wives will be so grateful for I am sure). I think I could possibly be the best mother-in-law ever and You Are Welcome.

*paying my respects to “So I Married an Axe Murderer”


6 thoughts on “Geocache…ing*

  1. Hey, I read too!

    I think my sister and you are competing for best MIL. She taught her boys to wipe up around the toilet after they pee.

  2. Thats my mistake. I taught them to pee sitting down so they wouldn’t have to wipe. Now I got one who stands and well you know. I ask but its almost too late for the wiping to be ingrained.

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