Thriller Chiller Tonight…ok maybe a week or so ago.

I have finally recovered from my sugar coma to bring you the word on the street in Wonderland.

We hallowed, we weend and we saw that it was good.

This year the boys were….Rapping Paper …”Rapping Paper”. Tweedle D decided to take his paper costume for another spin this year with anticipation that his friend would be scissors. Alas his friend changed his mind and so D took the paper to a whole new level. He is very punny that boy. “Yo”
Reaper…”The Grim Reaper”. Tweedle E likes to embrace the scarier side of Hallow’s Eve. For the past 3 years he was Anikan Skywalker but decided this year death was better. At least I know he will take this one fro a spin the next couple of years. Costume $9, Scyth $3, Makeup free. That is deal that can’t be beat. Mwahhahahahaha.
Horton the Elephant…”Horton the Elephant”. Tweedle 3 was not really on board with the whole dress-up thing, but when it came to his “speck”, it was true love. Upon first seeing his clover he yelled, “HELLOOOOOOOO”, to all the whos in whoville. He slept with it every night. It broke every night and I fixed it every morning. When it came to trick or treeting he was all about “casing the joint.” People would open their doors, he would walk right in and have a look see. Even better was we ended up on a block where most own dogs. So he would ask to see their “puppy” give them a pet and a kiss and almost forget about the candy altogether. Yep he is cute like that.

In my coolness I dressed in my White flowy cape as I do every year. I don’t really have time to get my costume ready. Anywho back to the coolness. I downloaded a halloween playlist to my 1st generation nano, hooked it up to my recently acquired mopar mini speaker and 2009 equivalent to Boom Boxing it down the street. I think this might just catch on and everyone will be doing it next year. I know you wish you could have trick or treated with us too.


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