To Vaccinate or Not To Vacciante

After much consideration, listening to both sides, the wonderland household has decided to vaccinate. Now the decision has been made I feel better.

I have talked with friends who went through this months ago in NZ. At least one of them was vaccinated. I cannot confirm if all five were. They did not have side effects and costed rather smoothly through it, but that may have been because one is a bit of an agoraphobe When germs are around 🙂

I have read articles and watched and listened to reports. All which are biased either way. I’m not sure it helped. May have just brought my anxiety about it up. But this is what I do know:

1. Yes there is Hg in the vaccine ethyl not methyl (big difference). I would prefer if there wasn’t any, but no Minamata here.

2. That it is a “fairly new” vaccine, but they are using the same methods for previous vaccines that I have had.

3. You cannot get the flu from a dead virus. If you get the flu after getting the shot, you were probably exposed to it days before or with in the two week period before full immunity is reached. In Canada we’re recieving the dead virus.

4. There is adjuvant in the vaccine to boost its efficacy and make it go further so more can get the vaccination if they want too.

5. The risk for my children having a bad side effect from the vaccine are lower than the risk of them getting the flu.

6. We are in the vulnerable group

7. People who are not vaccinated and get the flu and have an “easy” time of it, can pass the flu on to others who cannot be vaccinated. I don’t want that on my conscience.

8. I still believe that washing hands, eating right and exercise are the best way to stay healthy and prevent transmission of disease, but have you seen the nation lately. I will do my best but I cannot trust that others are.

Now I post these reasons just to explain why we are vaccinating and not to change anyones mind. I understand the struggle to decide. We all love our families and wants what is best for them. You do what you gotta do and I will do what I gotta do and hopefully neither of us will suffer.


6 thoughts on “To Vaccinate or Not To Vacciante

  1. Henry got his first flu shot a early September but since that time I’ve discovered he has a mild egg allergy which now means he can’t have his second shot. So I appreciate your comment #7.

    Hopefully we can all make it through the season.

    I’m going to go wash my hands and eat an apple!

  2. We have been nothing short of disgustingly ill here in our house since September. School, Big’s work (no one up until recently ever stayed home when they were sick at that place), and church (the big one for me) are sending us home with a lot of crap I think we wouldn’t have if those 3 factors were removed. I have been home including from church for 3 weeks straight. All that being said, we are not getting the vaccination here in the US. I have lots of reasons which I am not going ot share here. Perhaps if we were back in Canada I might think differently. Alaska has had a VERY high incidence of H1N1 and not so many deaths as a result of it. If you look at the numbers and extrapolate them to the rest of the country I think waiting until next year, when they can include it in the regular flu shot is doable for us. Let’s just say, “herd mentality” is not working in Alaska. It’s a hard call. Good on you for making it!


  3. I think your last paragraph sums it up perfectly. You do what you have to do for your own family.

    I don’t believe it is either a right or a wrong decision. It so depends on the family. Two of my kids had flu shots this year, and none of us have had the H1N1 shot (it wasn’t yet available when the two were getting their flu shots, and now that it IS available, they will only give it to children between certain ages and to adults over a certain age. Ches and I apparently don’t qualify). There has been a TON of flu going around (it is a really bad year here in Gilbert), and luckily none of us have been sick. We’ll just keep clean and hope we stay flu-free. And I’m not going to judge anyone for either decision. 🙂

  4. Read anything good for pregnant women. I wasn’t going to get it, but my doctor is really pushing it. I just don’t know if it is safe for a fetus, if it was just me I would be all over it. Let me know if you have read anything good, I am torn because obviously pregnant people are 6 times more likely to get it!

  5. I just love to see a well-thought-out decision! You are awesome! I’m on the fence for what to do with our family, because there are factors at play beyond our nucleus, and I need to take everything into consideration. I certainly loved reading your list and will definitely be thinking about your points as we ponder our own decisions.

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