Today it is a rainy day and Monday. The cool mist has descended and although there ain’t no snow, I know its coming.

I am contemplating starting a new knitting project, maybe a hat to go with my mile long scarf. Hopefully that won’t take me two years. Thoughts are also turning to my book, hot chocolate and baking. Cinnamon buns are in the oven as we speak type.

My 28 month old won’t go to sleep. Right now I can hear him calling me to get him down from the bunk bed. “Mommy!” “Help!” There isn’t fear in his calls so I’m not worried but I guess I should go and check it out.

Sigh, here I go.


This just in Sears has called and said that someone will be here tomorrow between 12 and 4 to fix my fridge. I am all astonishment. I haven’t even sent my letter yet. Maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I can’t help but wonder what happened to move their appointment up a week.


Tweedle 3 is asleep now and I to could use a nap but I have to pick up the boys. I dread waking the little guy. Oh well he joined our life not the other way around. Wow that sounded insensitive.

I think the walk might do me some good. Get the cobwebs out of my head. I sound too much like Eeyore.


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