Sears almost brings me to Tears.

Here is a sample of the letter I plan on sending some big wig , when I find out who he or she is.

Dear Mr./Ms.________

I am writing to you with a deep sense of frustration. I feel as if my needs have not been heard and therefore not been met. I am the property manager for a Rental units and the Landlord has always turned to Sears for our servicing needs. It is with much regret that after this final repair, we will no longer be using your services. That also means that we will no longer be purchasing your appliances for personal or professional use.

On October 2 a phone call was made at around 9:30 am. Our Kenmore side by side fridge was not working. The customer service agent informed us they wouldn’t be able to get some one out to see it until monday. An appointment was made for Monday October 5.

On Monday October 5th a phone call was received stating that due to overbooking, our appointment was now being moved to the following day October 6th

On Tuesday October 6 the technician arrived in a timely manner and was able to diagnose the problem with in 22 min and quoted a charge for the compressor fix (part still under warranty) for ~$450. As I had to confirm with the landlord as to what he would like to do, the job was closed and the technician left. One half hour later I phone the 1-800-4 My home to set up an appointment because the Landlord agreed to have the fridge fixed because the part was under warranty. I was told the next available date was the 19th of September. I asked if there was any way she could move it up and after some discussion an appointment was made for the 9 of October.

On Friday October 9th I received a phone call that my technician would be coming between 12-4. 4 o’clock came and went so I called to find out what happened. I spent an hour on the phone being tossed from department to department. At around 5:20 pm I received a phone call from the technician saying he would arrive at 5:30 pm. He did, but he couldn’t do anything as there was no part ordered and he wasn’t able to fix it even if there was a part. He said he would do what ever needed to be done to get the process moving.

Thursday October 15, at 9:00 am I phoned to inquire as to the status of the job. I understand there was a holiday so I know things don’t get done right away. That is why I waited till thursday. I got passed to customer service and they informed that nothing had been done. They were going to call me back when they knew what was happening.

Today Friday October 16th, at 9:30 am I phoned to inquire about the status as I hadn’t heard anything. According to computer records I needed to be contacted to set up an appointment. The next available date was October 27th. The appointment has been made.

So these are my questions for you. Do you think 4 weeks is too long for a person to go without a fridge? Do you think that errors made by two of your employees leading to the delay are acceptable? Do you think that when a person is told they will be contacted, the Customer Service Agent should contact that person? What are you going to do to make this right?

I look forward to hearing your response and hope to receive it in a timely manner. I have been nothing but courteous and patient because I believe people deserve to be treated that way. I expect you will do the same.

Thank you,

Alyson **************

Please let me know if you would change anything.


6 thoughts on “Sears almost brings me to Tears.

  1. Check the sentence in the 4th paragraph that starts “One half hour later…”

    Later in the paragraph you say September instead of October.

    Otherwise, looks good. Keep strong!!! Love ya.

  2. Good and specific. The only thing I would change is instead of saying you will most definitely be changing service providers, just say you feel as if you have no choice OR you are considering changing. They will be more likely to hustle for you if they think they still have a chance to keep a property management customer.
    Otherwise good. And good luck.

  3. I think that you should start by contacting a manager at your local Sears. They will be able to tell you who you need to contact to get things done. Did any of your food go bad? I would also attach copies of any receipts for food replacement to the letter when you send it off.
    Good luck!

  4. Good letter. I agree with Justin. Let them know how difficult it is to care for a family when you are without the use of a fridge for that length of time.

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