Alyson The Runner Sustains an Injury

Don’t worry. I’m alright. It happened back in August. I had just completed running a 16k loop and noticed my hip hurt. Nothing really comes to mind what caused it but it hurt. After a week of limping I decided to go to the doctor. I was put on anti inflamatories for two weeks and sent for an x-ray. I think the x-ray came back ok cause I haven’t heard anything.

To make a long story short, I am seeing a guy on the 9th of December. I still try to run once in a while but it hurts, so I walk. I have to say this has been discouraging. I was 1 pound away from my phase 1 goal weight. I was training for a race. Now I just sit and watch the scale go up and I have missed my race. 😦

My hip is feeling much better than it originally did and lateral movements don’t send shooting pains. Chasing Tweedle 3 is a bit easier. I trying to figure out what I did and trying to learn something from this. Maybe I need to slow down, but really 7.5 minute K is about the slowest one can get. Ba dum bum.

In the mean time my sons have kind taken up the torch. On Saturday they ran a 1K race. Their very first one. These happen monthly at different parks around Calgary. Who knows? They might run another.


2 thoughts on “Alyson The Runner Sustains an Injury

  1. I’m so sorry Alyson, injuries are the worst! I hope you figure out what is going on and can get back into it. Just make sure you get better by January so after I have the baby we can run together!

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