A conversation

Laundry: You know you haven’t done me in a while. Things are piling up.

Me: I know, I just have so much to do I’ll get to you as soon as….

Laundry: You always say that. You never mean it.

Me: I want to give you the attention you need and I can’t do that while I have all these other pressing things to do. I promise I will get to you today.

Laundry: You didn’t do me yesterday. You promised you would and you didn’t. Do me now. Please. You know it will just get worse.

Me: I will, I will. I just need to take care of this last thing and then I will take you upstairs.

Laundry: I’m still here.

Me: Oh yah, sorry I forgot. I just need to pick up he kids. I’ll do you when I get back.

Laundry: Sniff. It going to get bad you know.

Me: Oh I’m sorry, I’m so tired, I’ll do you tomorrow. I can’t stay up or I won’t be able to function.

Laundry: I’m tired of being ignored, your going to pay for this.

Me: Your just grumpy. Get a good nights sleep and we’ll take care of it in the morning.

Tweedle E: Mom I don’t have any pants to wear, or underwear, or shirts, or socks. Waaaaaaaa.

Me: Oh crap!

Laundry: Told ya so.


9 thoughts on “A conversation

    • Melissa, from the way you were apologizing I thought it would be worse. I know exactly where you are coming from, I thought it sounded like that myself and tried to come up with a different phrase, but Doing Laundry is the proper phrase.

      Besides Mr. Wonderful would never beg, and never needs too.

  1. So, um, wait until they are “big boys” and you have to cover your eyes while they walk around naked because they couldn’t find any underwear. That’s when it’s REALLY bad. (Luckily, in my case, the laundry was done. It just goes into a big “clean” pile and never gets put away. Serves me right.)

  2. Has your laundry been talking to my laundry? It’s a conspiracy!
    Bless my husband this week….he’s been doing laundry daily while I fold & put away…although last night he was folding too (scare!) …I thought engineers were detailed oriented, not about folding….so I shan’t complain bc he’s been such a huge help.
    I hate laundry.

  3. You have an unhealthy relationship with your laundry…that is a lot of pressure to try to please such a guilt monger. I say never “do” laundry again until he can speak to you with better understanding.
    If it were my house there would be no taking anybody “upstairs” until more of my needs were being met.

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