The Boy In the Box

Cardboard, the basic building block of life. Ok thats carbon but you know what I mean. Its everywhere. Your puzzles come in it. your shoes come in it. You move in it. Well you don’t move IN it per say but your stuff is moved in it. Your appliances arrive in it.

I personally think appliance cardboard is the best cardboard. We got a freezer once and that box became my sons fort for at least a month maybe longer. We coloured and cut that box, to have a door and a window. They slept in there (they were very little). Then came the time when the poor box could no longer be a house. What do you do with it then, well you make it in to a knights breast plate, helmet, sword and shield. All you need is a copy of A Knights Tale (you know to pass the time) duct tape, a box cutter, brads and a little imagination.

I have a friend who is the ultimate creative lady and her kids are too. One day they took their boxes, set up bases (protective places) in the back yard, built body armor and had an elastic band fight. Hours killed, minimal fighting and No T.V. during the process. I tell you its genius. I suppose if your one who is against such things you could use it as an obstacle course or make your own “Wipe Out” set. Water balloons might work too, but then the cardboard gets soggy.

My sister was once with a Primary home preschool. The parents would rotate during the week and cover one lesson/ activity for about two hours. One of their activities was a “Drive-in Movie”. The kids decorated their box cars, had pop corn and watched a short movie.

There are so many things you can do with cardboard. What would you do… you know…before you recycle it?

2 thoughts on “The Boy In the Box

  1. Everything you mentioned!! Basically, I would just let the boys have their way with it. That’s what makes them happy… to figure it out on their own what they want to do.

    I’ve done the cardboard box as a car for a home drive in theatre before as a kid. That was FUN. šŸ™‚

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