There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese.

Here I go getting my political self all up in your face again. Sorry. Sometimes its the way I roll. I have my fathers genetics inside me and with that and innate inability to hold my tongue when I think I am right. Even when I am not right, I still blabber.

Anyway…here in Canada, we like to think of ourselves as the land of the free, hockey, lacrosse, long winters, short summers, and the perpetual election call. Perpetual election call? what’s that?

Unlike some countries, we do not have set elections. Which might be confusing since this past government passed a bill which became law about set terms and election dates. But then seeing an opportunity for a possibility of getting a majority government seized the moment and called an election. This said election resulted in yet another Conservative minority government and cost tax payers roughly $300 MM. Woohoo Canada, and I thought I was bad with my impulsive spending habits.

Anyway…the point is Canada seems to go to the poles a lot. Each time costing about $300 MM. Now the Prime Minister has the power to start the whole process when he sees an advantage. The opposition can also vote non-confidence in a minority government, take their ball and go home. Thus sending us to the poles as well. Costing Canadian’s roughly (you guessed it) $300 MM.

Since the last election was in 2008 (the time before that being 2006) and it is 2009 I am pretty sure that the Canadian public doesn’t want to go to the poles again. In fact 2 weeks before Mr. Ignatieff decided that he can’t take it anymore, and threw up his hands in dismay at the current government and economic situation, there were comments from financial groups that despite everything, were are holding up rather well and now is not the time to call an election.

But now here we are with the threat of an election looming over our heads. The attack adds have already started. Yay. And yesterday in the news to justify the spending of umm about $300MM (unfortunately I couldn’t get the name of the person who said this) “don’t worry, this money will be spent locally, advertising agencies, sign makers, and pizza places will all benefit from the added business. We will be contributing the the economy.” Maybe Pizza 73 can get us a deal and instead of a heart diseasing side of an 8 piece wing meal (which we frequently get no offense to P73) you can get your very own lawn sign.

I have a better Idea. How about we leave things the way they are. Ride out this economic storm for at least another 2 years. Force the boys to get along and send each and every person in Canada a cheque for $10 nothing gets more local than that. Just kidding keep the $10 and put it towards my portion of the ever rising deficit. A whole other rant.


2 thoughts on “There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese.

  1. So true, I am all in favor to wait. I get so frustrated with the political parties always looking for ways to bring the government down. Maybe they should look for ways to make it work, and work together for the common good of the people. Now, wouldn’t that be a new approach.

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