Once Upon a Mattress

Once upon a time there were three boys. A big boy, a middle boy and a not so wee baby boy. The boys were happy and mostly got along but their world was about to change and they don’t seem to like change.

The not so wee baby boy slept in a playpen since the day he was born and now being two sun cycles old he was out growing his “bed”.

The Middle boy slept on a the bottom of a shiny silver bunk bed. He loved this bunk because he could make forts and hide flashlights. He could stay up very late without getting in trouble.

The big boy was a top dweller and desperately wanted his own room with his own bed. Alas his parent could not accommodate his request, for the extra rooms were already occupied.

One day their wicked and selfish mother realized she wasn’t sleeping at night because the not so wee baby boy needed a new place to sleep. So out of her own need for restful zzzzs she went in pursuit of a mattress and a box spring.

The big boy seeing this as an opportunity to further his cause, restated his request with a slight modification. He wanted the new bed. After much discussion a bargain was struck. Only upon excellent condition of the mattress, would he be able to have a new bed. Chances were very low as she was purchasing used goods.

The day of the exchange came and the playpen was packed away and the room organized for the arrival of said mattress. The goods were picked up and in excellent condition. The Big boy won…or did he?

Bed made, pajamas on, the boys made ready to rest. Then suddenly…. Tears! The not so wee baby wished to sleep where is former bed was and yet was not used to wide open spaces. The middle boy, reveling in his new found grown-up-ness earlier was now lamenting the loss of, and I quote, “The only bed I have ever known.” The oldest boy was sad as he was not in his new bed enjoying the luxury of a well maintained mattress. Oh the horror.

The selfish mother needing a good nights rest struck another deal. Tonight everyone will sleep where they are, and on the morrow all will change and all will like it.

And they did. Sort of.

The End


8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Mattress

  1. Did Henry like his bedtime story?

    To make things better for the middle Tweedle we put glow in the dark stars above his bed. He is fine now. Gotta figure out a way to make him a fort too. You know without damaging the walls or the bed.

  2. Hi, iam trying to subscribe to the RSS feed here but my firefox is giving errors. Can you pls check if its just me or is there something wrong with your site.

    • I am flattered that you would try to subscribe, however I don’t even know where to begin to figure out if there something wrong with my site. I am saddened that I unable to help you.

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