The Neighbourhood Writer’s Block.

There is a post here somewhere. I promise. I put it down and now its not where I left it. Things like this always happen to me. Usually its my Keys.

In the mean time, while I declutter, enjoy some pictures.
My home till Oct 1979

This was my childhood home until I was six. I don’t remember at what age I move in. This was the home I decided to test my birthday candle night lights that were tied to the wooden bunk bed.

Not a whole lot has changed. The Garage used to be a carport and the driveway was gravel. My parents would be happy to know that the garden plot is still there in the back yard. It looks like the original sheers are still on the window, but I doubt it as they would have to be 30+ years old and should have shredded and died. The colour is still the same. Ahh The memories.

Mr. Wonderful Childhood home till we got married

This house, I assume, has changed many hands since Mr. Wonderful’s parents sold it about 3 years ago. The structure and colour remain the same but changes were made to the front door. Originally, at least while Mr. W and I were dating, the house was more blue and had blue doors with a busy white mod pattern. That was changed a bit after we were married. The playhouse is still there in the back and we are greatful that someone has finally moved in. The grass was getting high. It was bothering my husband. He kept saying “Dad would never let it get this high.”
Mr. W Elementary School

Here is a picture of Mr. Wonderful’s Elementary School. It no longer goes by the same name and has changed since he went there. He still laments the loss of the big orange doors. I don’t think he does well with change.


4 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood Writer’s Block.

  1. The door looks so… ODD. In my head it’s still blue and is still double doors (even if only the one was actually used).

    Did you guys go out for a drive or something yesterday? 😉

  2. Ahh, the nostalgia of what once was. Some things should never change, your childhood home, the schools you went to, and Grandpa’s place.

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