We were out and about. GO MT GO!

So to explain… we were away at a reunion. Had fun in the sun which apparently didn’t make it to Alberta, thus making the vacation a little sweeter. I got rid of most of the Farmer tan on one side but alas the other side not so much, making me just that much weirder.

We spent our time at a campground just outside of Bozeman MT and then half a day enjoying the sites of Yellowstone National Park.

Things I noticed:

1. The Pop in MT is sweeter and when in bottled form fizzier. I don’t like it, but then I don’t like change. I suppose if I lived there I would get used to it and then think Alberta’s pop is flat.

2. The size of there combos are much bigger in the MT. i was going to say states but as we only stopped in one restaurant the whole trip I thought I would refrain from huge generalizations. When Mr. Wonderful ordered his pop he went back to say “sorry but I think I got the wrong cup. I ordered the medium” to which the friendly girl said “sir that is our medium.”

3. About 70-80 % of the prices are cheaper than Canada. Not everything is cheaper. We only shopped in two places (Bozeman and Helena) but comparing prices with family members at the reunion leads me to believe should I live where they live my money would go further. For one thing gas is just over half the price. Today I filled up and it cost me about $4.00/ gallon.

4. People in Helena are supper friendly and hard working. Maybe its the economy and people want to keep their jobs so they are working extra hard or… they are just plain friendly. Every store we went in to there was someone there to help. I even went into a fabric/ craft store and didn’t get the “stink eye” for bringing a toddler in. One lady got down to his level and showed him all the Cars patches and proceeded to let him play with them. Then she talked to him about other Disney characters. I can guarantee that would never happen here in Calgary. The Target and Shopko were so clean and people were actually working instead of holding up a rack with their bodies whilst discussing the latest co-worker gossip. I can’t remember the last time I had seen that in one of our local department stores. Good on ya Helena

5. People from the states don’t know how to drive. Again sorry for painting you with one large brush. Notice I didn’t say Montana as my only experience with the poor driving was the west gate of Yellowstone National Park where representatives from almost all of the contiguous United States decided to congregate. A dude from North Carolina blocked three lanes with his van because he realized that he had already prepaid and wasn’t in the express lane. Then he got frustrated and was gesturing at a dude from South Carolina because he wasn’t making room. Yet S. Carolina couldn’t move forward to make the room because California was in front of him. Mr. Wonderful said it probably was a rival thing between the states but I don’t think so. Meanwhile a van from Washington next to us was all “The Nerve of some people.” and shrugging their shoulders at N. Carolina’s display. Other examples:

a: Not knowing what a four way stop means
b: Passing on a double solid.
c: Not knowing your car has signal lights
d: U-turning in the middle of the road
e: driving 20 miles/ hour under the speed limit
f: driving down a wrong way

I don’t know which representatives committed theses violations so you are all on the hook. 😉

5. Roads in MT are hard to drive on. This may not be your fault as Alberta is more flat and has wide open spaces. I’m just not used to having Non-existent shoulders on a two lane highway. Then there the “road narrowing sign” we called it the skinny lady ahead sign and wondered how could it possible narrow anymore. But it did. They aren’t even wide enough for two motor-homes to pass each other going opposite directions. We saw it happen. Both had to slightly go off the road to do so. Crazy! The pilot car thing is cool though. I didn’t mind waiting the 10 min. for a guide ca to take me through the construction, but I have a feeling thats just me.

All in all MT is great and thanks for you Hospitality and warm hotel breakfast. You ROCK!


One thought on “We were out and about. GO MT GO!

  1. Seriously I love you, your posts are so stinkin funny! Ok I may be bias because I am an American but I agree with everything you said. We are bad drivers, however customer service is so bad here, I sometimes just want to leave stores because I get so mad! And yes we like big drinks, whats it to ya!
    I’m glad you guys had a good time.
    Oh one more thing, I think we are all going to go broke up here because it really is so much more expensive!

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