Cana-we-do it? Yes we can!

As some of you know I have taken up running as a form of weight loss therapy exercise. I’ve been doing it since the end of september ’08. I have seen some progress and now when I go on walks with my husband I can keep up with him. Years of walking with little Tweedles had slowed my pace some and I never could keep up with him. Now I can. Weird thing is we just discovered the my inseam and consequently my legs are longer than his, so whats up with that? My stride is shorter and faster. Anyway….

The catalyst to all this training was my sisters and I were unhappy with our bods (at least three of us were) so we made a fitness goal to run 5k at the Raymond family fun run on Canada Day. Just our luck Raymond moved it to the saturday before and well none of us could make it the 27th of June.
Don’t think that we let that stop us, NO WAY. We were all meeting Canada day anyway so why not do our own fun run. So we did. It was/ is called the “I Cana-Do-it L____ Family fun Run.” My sister Carrie wanted it to be “Carrie’s run for a better tomorrow”, but none of us wanted a better tomorrow. Just kidding.
We gave my Dad the assignment of planning the route.
My mom put herself in charge of a water station.

Everyone who wanted to participate did and we even made T-shirts. They were designed by my loverly niece Lady Em.



We have decided to make this an annual event and each year a different grandchild will design the awesome Tees.

The funny thing was when we reached half way we had only ran 750m. Apparently nobody had decided to drive the loop. Ooops. Our 5k turned in to a 1.5k. Oh well we did it anyway and we had fun.

So here is to better health, happiness and tomorrow. I guess Carrie got her wish after all.


4 thoughts on “Cana-we-do it? Yes we can!

  1. What an awesome way to get the whole family involved in fitness! And what a wonderful example of health you are passing along to the next generation.

    I rarely get together with my family, and when my husband’s family gathers it is always in the kitchen.

    But maybe some day I can be more like you! You’re awesome!

  2. What a fun thing to do! Now I am in my second trimester I am finally able to run again without puking so maybe I can join you hard cores on Saturday mornings again!

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