Sun Swallower

I don’t think in all of my life I have ever seen a total Solar Eclipse. I know I have seen Partials but not a total Eclipse where the sky goes dark as if it is night.

The next Total Eclipse to be seen by North America (aside from Hawaii) will be August 21, 2017 in Montana, Idaho area at around 5:00/5:30pm. I think I might have to make a trip in 8 years. It would be fun to celebrate Tweedle E’s Birthday with an Eclipse viewing. He will be 16 then. Crazy!


2 thoughts on “Sun Swallower

  1. The Cedar City community newlsetter says, “Cedar City will experience a three-hour total eclipse of the sun on Sunday,. May 20, 2012.” According to the NASA website this is an annular eclipse rather than a total solar eclipse. Farmer’s Almanac says, “An annular eclipse happens when the moon is too small to cover the entire area of sun’s disk. It is a solar eclipse but not a total eclipse. As a result, the rim of the sun’s disc remains visible around the dark disc of the Moon, which makes for an annular or ring round the shadow effect.” Here’s the link to a pretty cool picture:

  2. So it might not be a total eclipse, but it should still be pretty cool. You want to come see it? You can stay with us. Hint, hint. 🙂

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