Phase 10

My oldest tweedle is 10. He has officially entered the double digits and tweenhood. He is more opinionated and independent, just like any 10 year old should be, but sometimes he still likes to cuddle his mom. You didn’t hear that from me.

For his birthday I took four boys to Calaway Park, again. We spent 4 hours there and everyone was so well behaved. I would’ve posted pictures but I forgot my camera and my phone doesn’t upload to a mac. We went mini golfing and he won. We went on a lot of rides and enjoyed the mist in the amazing maze. It was hot out.

We went out for lunch and ate burgers a la Wendy’s. This gave me a bit of rock gut, but whatever. Might explain why my energy level was in the toilet so low.

Everyone was so generous. I even had a running friend donate a bike to the cause. He enjoys riding it so much. He also asked for pit stick deodorant. We spent 15 minutes smelling different ones and got him a not so cologne smelling one. He doesn’t stink yet, but, he had his maturation unit a month ago and was so excited for his body to change. I thought why not. That way I avoid the awkward “Son when you get older, your sweat gland start to produce and odor…like they are right now.” conversation. No one likes to be told they stink. However, if I DO please tell me I’d rather know.

All in all good birthday, good friends, good times and good cupcakes.


4 thoughts on “Phase 10

  1. He likes wearing deodorant? From what I’ve heard (and experienced), that makes him a very extraordinary 10 year old boy! Glad the whole birthday thing went well for you.

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