Tweedle 3 is 2. The day did not pass without a celebration of sorts. There were balloons (all be it the wrong age ones) there was a present and a cake. Unfortunately for this little Tweedle his day falls at one of the busiest times of the year for me. Even though I tried a month in advance to plan what to do for my little guy, we ended up playing it by ear.

BoatsThis year we went to Calaway Park and only went on rides my babe could go on. Then we hit the Dairy Queen for a lunch and cake.
Cars Cake of Course
There is something to be said for keeping it simple. I know the Tweedle didn’t mind. He just loved us singing happy birthday over and over again. He still plays with his Lightning McQueen Shake and Go car which was half the price at a well know department store, all the time. Sometimes at night we have to pry it from his tiny fingers before he goes to bed.

Of course it wasn’t a party without balloons and rip roaring game of balloon volleyball (or something like unto it). Did you know you can play baseball with a balloon, and tennis. All you need is a hanger someone who is willing, a balloon or several, and at least an hour. Thats right folks my little Tweedle will focus about an hour on hitting balloons. Looks like nothing has changed much in that department over the last year.


One thought on “24=2

  1. Yeah! for Tweedle 3! I can’t believe so much time has passed! I wish I could have squeezed his cheeks and hugged his tiny body on his birthday.

    I’ll catch up with him later.

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