Debunking De-junking

I have heard of the benefits of a cleanse. I have also heard they are a load of bunk. The thing is I have only seen two cleanses and both aren’t healthy for you as far as I can tell (lemon cayenne pepper, and cabbage soup diet.) I have heard of other healthy ways to cleanse, where you still get to eat, but in a less refined way. And by less refined, I mean less processed. I still plan on using my utensils and manners thank you very much. But those people who have taken the mystery cleanses never share the one they are on. Is there a reason for that?

Is it possible to have a clean colon just by increasing your fiber through vegetables, legumes and whole grains? Please share your wisdom O interneters. Have you gone on a cleans? How did you feel while doing it? How did you feel after? What were the benefits? Did you maintain the benefits a week, a month, or even a year later? What was the reason for your cleanse? Please be truthful.


5 thoughts on “Debunking De-junking

  1. Dooce on shared her experiences with a cleanse. Her and her best friend did one at the same time and at least one of them ended up in the doctor’s office borderline critically ill. Personally, I do understand that increasing fiber intake does a great job at clearing out the pipes so to speak. I wouldn’t buy anything from one of those “health” food stores, but that’s just me. I did personally do an orange “cleanse” once. I had to eat like 12 oranges a day for two weeks in addition to my normal food. Whoa, did it ever clear me out and I felt lighter almost immediately. I figured, how much harm can an overload of vit-C do? That is the only experience I have personally had.

  2. I have never cleansed – I know my mom has done one with rice before though – and it was mainly to do with her allergies. SHe had quite a few of them and she knew rise was safe so she would eat rice only for a little while to clear out allergic reactions to stuff. I am interested too to read what everyone else has to say.

  3. I have never done one and I don’t think I’ve known anyone close enough to share a story about it. But I’m going to keep checking back because I’m also curious to see what other people say.

  4. I”ve done the Wild Rose cleanse. You get a list of healthy foods to eat/avoid and take a handful of supplements to further the cleansing effect.

    Basically you can eat brown rice and veggies but no sugar or white/refined products. Low on fruit also due to sugar. It’s pretty healthy and you can eat as much of the good food as you like. I did it for allergies/health. It felt pretty good after the sugar cravings went away (takes a few days)! You just have to really plan what you’re going to eat so you aren’t tempted to eat whatever is laying around. The kit is a bit pricey though. I remember it being $40-50.

    You could probably get a similar effect on your own.

  5. If you look at some of the photos of a colon cleanse… EEW.. Is it really possible that we go around with that stuff inside of us or is it something produced by the products that should be cleaning our colon?

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