Fan Fest, Good Clean Family Fun

Growing up in a house full of girls, I wasn’t much into watching football. It was something on the TV that my dad or my grandfather watched when I wanted to watch something else.

Now I live in a house full of boys, all of them sports enthusiasts, and if we had cable I still wouldn’t get to watch what I want to watch, but we don’t and CBC lost the rights so whatever. There really isn’t anything on TV now, it being the summer, but that is another post.

So as I said I live in a house full of boys who are lovin the sports. They will watch Hockey, Golf, Soccer, if we had it Basketball, and of course Football.

Right now we are at the beginning of the CFL season and every year the Calgary Stampeders have a fan fest. They serve a pancake breakfast, open the field up the the fans, run some drills and stations, give away prizes, and introduce the public to the players. You actually get to touch them. (that came out wrong). Anyways it all free. Tweedle 3 going deep for the pass
This is Tweedle 3 going deep.
Tweedle E QuaterbackingTweedle E is reading the situation and getting ready to pass.
The Boys and The HorseThis is the boys with the Stamps mascot the runs up and down the field when they score a touchdown.
The coach giving some pointers.

We had fun and GO STAMPS GO!


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