The Approach

We are entering the last phase of school. The boys have a week left and projects are winding down. Although I would like to take D’s car project and make him do some adjustments, I am leaving it up to him. He needs to learn to do the work without me pushing him, and he needs the grade he deserves, not the one I deserve.

I am officially into the second half of my thirties. I find I am no closer to some of my goals than I was 10 years ago. Obviously those goals are not much of priority maybe I should look at them again and make revisions. I don’t want to be 40 and have a midlife crisis.

I am presently training for the Melissa’s half marathon even though I am only registered for the 10. I’m not sure I can be committed to the training schedule so we will see what happens. I’m doing this mostly to lose weight and secondly to prove to myself that I am strong. I have until the end of september. That seems far away but it really isn’t.


One thought on “The Approach

  1. You know you can have my bib for the half marathon if you want it. I will have no use for it this year! And I totally know you can do it!

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