The Dance of the Tie-Dyed Shirts

As it turned out I didn’t have any scarves. I didn’t even have a camera with a charged battery to document the dance. I did however have a few tie-dyed shirts here that the young women made for camp and with much gusto, bravado, and whatever else you want to call it, I entered the backyard (to maintain some sense of dignity) and danced my little heart out. I leaped for light, I spun for sun and it was good.

Hopefully the fact that I used tie-dyed shirts will “kill two birds with one stone.” North Korea, your mommy says its time to play nice. Maybe that would actually work if I actually did the dance.


3 thoughts on “The Dance of the Tie-Dyed Shirts

  1. If I had even as much as a tie-dyed T-shirt I’d join you. I don’t though. But I will be dancing tonight. I think I have a scarf around here somewhere.

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