“Check your pockets please.”

It is inevitable. No matter how hard I try to be organized, when camping I always forget something. I plan. I make lists. Then I start early. Alas there is only so much a person can do ahead of time. Then like last year its crunch time, packing is interrupted and now I’m without toilet paper for the weekend. Really I don’t know how I survived.

I really should give myself more credit. It’s not every woman that enjoys camping and can get a family of five out to the mountains with minimal luxury. Some have tried and failed. My secret… bring another family with you. More times than not they have remembered what you haven’t and vice versa. (thats latin for “other way around”)

This year we were joined again by a family of Scottish decent, or so their name implies. For the purpose of the next few posts they will be referred to as the Scotts.

We had an awesome time partaking in the pleasures of one National Park called Waterton Lakes. Again, we stayed at the Crandall Mountain campground. No sooner had we put up the tent, the boys started asking, “Wheres this?”, ” I can’t find that.”, “Maaawwm. Where is my…?” This is to be expected as I packed most everything and checked and rechecked the clothing bags etc. (How I forgot the hot chocolate and smore stuff I’ll never know, but at least they were clothed.) It was later in the day when they had misplaced things after touching them that I was starting to get frustrated. Its harder than I thought raising “good lookers.”

After sometime I came to a realization. Boys like to put things in their pockets. “Check your pockets please.” became the new theme. Thanks to this little phrase my response time was reduced to 5 sec. So if you have boys about the age of 3 and older and they like to carry things small enough to fit in their hand, I suggest checking the pockets first.


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