When Monday Feels Like Saturday

It is a very rare occurrence. In fact I’m not sure if this has happened before on a non-holiday monday. Today I woke up at 6:15, laid in bed for a while thinking of all the little family errands we would do. We were going to go to the bottle depot, play in the yard, replant the pole beans that were dug up by the squirrels and maybe plan our next camping trip. Nothing too arduous.

Anyway it took me a bit but as I snuggled into the warm body of my husband next to me, I realized “Oh darn it’s monday”. Normally this would have put me into a bad mood, but I just had such a good weekend, that I was fine.

Well now that the day is half over, it doesn’t feel like a saturday at all. I did get a lazy walk this morning and some garden observations, but it was back to the grind stone. I really miss the days when my kids were too young to go to school. When maybe a monday could feel like a saturday and there wasn’t as much pressing down on me, or them. The only problem with that is there wouldn’t be a third tweedle.

Well I should go. my phone is ringing yet again. I wonder what it could be this time. Like the garage holding a tenants car hostage isn’t enough. Maybe what I really long for is not having to work.

One thought on “When Monday Feels Like Saturday

  1. One of the difficulties about wishing for the past is that there’s always so much about the present to be thankful for.

    And also…not. Sorry you have to deal with the aggravations of work.

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