Alyson The Runner, Runs A Race

So race fans, the moment you were waiting for the story of my run. Two saturdays ago (April 25) I got a ride out to Canmore and ran in my first fun run. Back in February, I think, I registered for the 6k. I wanted to start my running life off feeling good and confident. The last week before the race I changed it to 12K. Needless to say I was nervous and not so confident.

The race was sponsered by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. A portion of the profits went to the PInk and Green foundation. Pink for Breast Health and Green for Environmental stuff. Pretty clear eh?

The race consisted of a 6k loop with two ginormous hills that I had to run/walk twice because I was doing 12k, and I like torture. I was feeling pretty good at about 7 or 8k. I got my groove, but then the hills started to get me. I wasn’t ready for them, so I had to walk up most of them. I did run in parts and at the top of the steepest hill there was a chocolate station so it wasn’t all bad.

Aside from the hills, one of the hardest parts was the finish line for the 6k was right next to the turn off for the 12k. There was music and bells and cheering and announcements of awesomness and I still had to do another loop. I think if I didn’t have Leslie (coach) with me I might have jammed out like so many other and just completed the 6k, but I didn’t and I was glad. I’m still glad even though when I got to the final hill and was running to the finish line people were leaving and there wasn’t any fan fare.

The final hill, I did run up, my legs were burning and I almost couldn’t do anymore, but then I saw the finish line. My brain shut off my body took over and ran me into the line faster than I had been going the whole race, or at least that is how it felt. Kinda weird, kinda cool.

I only got a little veclempt twice. Once while I was lining up to start. I couldn’t believe I was here and it was my first run and all these people were doing the same thing. The second time was when I saw these kids running down one of the steep hills until they found their mom. They started yelling “come on mom you can do it” and then they helped run her up the hill. I was trying so hard to choke back the tears that I lost my ability to breath for a moment. Just so you know breathing is important in aerobic exercise.

I was a little sad that my family couldn’t make it, but I’m sure Tweedle D felt the same. You see he had his Kub Kar rally the same day, so we had to divide and conquer. He came in second in his class and I finished a 12k so all went well. Maybe next time they will come and see me.

All in all not bad for a first run, chocolate, Rocky Mountain Soap company Swag, beautiful scenery, and knowing the next runs are going to be a piece of cake, because, as it turns out this one will be my longest this year.


5 thoughts on “Alyson The Runner, Runs A Race

  1. Is Rocky Mountain Soap company related to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? Cos you mention chocolate.

    Oh, and more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Way to go Alyson! Your story had me a bit choked up too. Thanks for coming out, you’re the reason we put on the race. Keep on runnin’!

  3. You are such a rock star. I am glad you decided to the 12k becuase 6k would have been much too easy for you. I miss Saturday morning runs with the group and hopefully I will be back soon, life has been so crazy!

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