Another Nod

I had plans. I had plans for my last post. I was going to talk about these two great gals who work hard for the money. But it didn’t flow so I could only do one. I’m a little sad because my Title was so good. One of the stores is called Wynken, Blynken and Nod, the other is Little Towheads Hence the name “A Nod to the Towheads”

So here I am, trying to make it right. Although my previous post did not work I am giving the next best thing, Another Nod.

I have wanted a crochet hat with a flower for a long time. There are a few on Etsy that I would go to visit at least once a month, but were a little beyond my budget, when you count exchange and shipping, so alas all I could do was visit.

A long came a girl that can crochet like nobody I know and I was able to commission a piece. She was professional, timely and reasonably priced. I like my hat and I wear it more often than I should. I really should invest in another hair implement so it can be done in the mornings before school, but now I got my beanie so I really don’t have too.

So hats off, I mean on, to Heather. Thanks again


3 thoughts on “Another Nod

  1. Holy crap Al, you are adorable. I love the hat and I am sooooo proud of your race results. I can’t wait to join you on the road very soon. You are an amazing woman. Luv Ya

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