A Nod to the Towheads

A little while back I decided I would try to buy homemade, hand made whenever possible. I had seen a blurb (I can’t find the right word) on the true cost of merchandise and realized I wasn’t paying for my stuff that sometimes overwhelmed my house and suffocated me. I also realized that a lot of stuff we purchase is given a shelf life of about a nano second so that we buy more of it.

Handmade tends to be better quality and keeps the funds in our economy. A great place to find some quality handmade items is ETSY.com.

Recently I won a T-shirt from little Towheads. I got to choose the size and colours. Being the geek that I am I chose the bio hazard symbol. I also thought it fitting for a house full of boys.

I’ve since had many opportunities to wash the T-shirt and the embroidery has held up well. The colours stay true and there is minimal shrinkage. Truth be known I didn’t notice any shrinkage but that could be because they weren’t my jeans and I wasn’t putting them on.

Thanks Dana.

Just so you know there are other shirts for us geeks out there. Like QT (symbol for pi). She has got a lot of choices. It was really hard to pin down what picture to put on it.


3 thoughts on “A Nod to the Towheads

  1. I am also a big fan of the shirts — we have several! She uses only high-quality shirts, mine have all held up really well despite many many washings.

    (I happen to be the original owner of the QTPi shirt — LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!)

  2. Little Towheads rocks! I love conversing with Dana about her shirts and onesies. Wish I could take credit for something, but Dana is just super talented!! 🙂 We have some Halloween shirts that get worn year-round. Good stuff!

  3. Hey Thank Alyson for the wonderful feedback on my shirts. I started making the shirts for my kids last July, almost a year ago, and nothing has fallen apart! I’m sick today, reading this post today made my day.

    Thank you,

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