Earth Sandwich

When Tweedle D was the age of Tweedle 3 he was in the hospital for observation. He was there for about 5 days. They wanted to see how he ate, measure his food and run a whole gamut of tests for he was classified as Failure to Thrive or in other words losing weight. I stayed with Tweedle D pretty much the whole time. I slept at the hospital, ate at the hospital, played at the hospital for I had nothing much else to do. Mr. Wonderful would come in the mornings sometimes and after work, bring me some dinner. When he left for the night our little family would have a family prayer and then a group hug. It started out being called “Group Hug”, but then as the days progressed it evolved in to a “Tweedle D sandwich” (parents on the outside, kid in the middle)

When Tweedle E was old enough he got his own sandwich and again with Tweedle 3.

This morning as the boys were getting ready to go, we hugged each other and said “Earth Sandwich.”

Unfortunately, that was all we did today for Earth Day. It snowed and the plans to spend an hour removing garbage got garbaged. Next year I plan to make these, if I can figure out how to make them more globe-like. Just so you don’t think I am lame, that will also be on top of the garbage cleaning.
Have you hugged your Earth today?


2 thoughts on “Earth Sandwich

  1. Ha! When The Boy was younger we did that sandwich thing. Not as much anymore.

    I am celebrating Earth Day attached to a Holter monitor. No, that has nothing to do with the environment, but it’s so very uncomfortable I am not up to much else right now.

    (I did celebrate Earth Hour this year though. That must count for something.)

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