Addressing The Breast

I am a proponent of Breast Feeding. I do not hide the fact that I think the breast is best nutritionally. I have nursed all three sons for at least 15 months, some longer. I have no problem breast feeding in public nor do I have a problem with others who choose to feed in public. It is natural, but doesn’t necessarily come naturally. I have known other women who have had great difficulty and have opted for the alternative and I support their right to choose. Who knows, under the same circumstances I might be doing the same thing. Basically what I am saying is there is no judgement here.

Now why, might you ask, am I bringing this up at all. Who cares where I stand. Frankly I don’t think anyone does. The thing is locally, there has been a sort of a movement. I emphasize the words “sort of”. A mother chose to breast feed her child in public. That wasn’t the problem. She chose to feed her child in a public pool. Not on the side but in the pool. She was asked to leave the pool. This wasn’t just a one time thing. She continued to go back to that pool and each time asked to leave the pool. Now it is not clear if she was just asked to leave the pool or if she was asked to leave the premisis entirely. Anyway she decided to form a rally, nurse-in, if you will.

The rally was set for this past sunday. It didn’t happen. She got a letter from the city stating they are a pro-breast feeding city and that they will make sure all of the staff know this. That should be the end, but now it is on the news that this almost rally happened and talk shows are devoting 30-60 minutes on it. I’m not even fired up about that. I think the more we talk about breast feeding the more accepted and normal it will become.

The thing that really gets my goat is that this pit mother against mother. I listened to woman after woman, all supporting breast feeding, phone in today and personally attack one another. “She must be old school and not informed.” “She must not know what is appropriate behavior” back and forth back and forth.

I personally wouldn’t choose to breast feed my child in a pool, but if I saw someone doing that my first thought would not be “She must be a moron” my first thought would be “o look there someone who takes breast feeding very serious and my friend jenthemom would get along with her.” I would hope if she had seen me breast feeding in a corner with a towel or a blanket that she would say “there is a mom who is feeding her child”, not “wow what a matter with her, she should be whipping out her mams, she just sent us back 20 years.”


5 thoughts on “Addressing The Breast

  1. I’m with you, I really don’t like the fighting that evolves around the topic.

    I’ll say this: I have breastfed in a swimming pool, but it was the backyard pool of a friend, also a nursing mother, and filled with other friends and their tots. Frankly, most people didn’t even know I was doing it.

    I’ll say this: breastfeeding in a pool is probably not the strangest place I have done so.

    I’ve done so and still managed to feel modest, but I also respect those who nurse with less of a shield than I, as do I respect those who retreat to another room.

    Isn’t it just supposed to be about what’s best for the child?

  2. I personally think that breast feeding is great but if all the granola moms out there want to be able to do it in public without censure they need to be sensitive to the feelings of others. I breast fed both of my children and did it in public but I definetly feel uncofortable when I see someone showing a lot of breast. Do unto others, if you want the world to accept breastfeeding in public make it easy for them to do so. Be modest.

  3. We heard about this (albeit briefly) up here in Alaska. The fact of the matter is that mothers need to remember that ‘my beliefs do not in any way diminish your beliefs’. If I choose to breastfeed or not, in public or not it is all good and ok. It is sad to see so many mothers against one another…being a mom is already ard enough without having to feel looked down upon.


  4. People get so fired up about this issue. There’s etiquette in all aspects of life, you know? The environment should give a clue as to what is appropriate. If the woman had a problem with a specific employee, that should be taken up with the employee’s supervisor, and so on up the line. Returning to the pool just so she could be asked to leave again (not to mention organizing a rally) that’s totally overkill, in my opinion.

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