Le Sigh

Well I haven’t quite decided what to do with my hair just yet and there seems to be a consensus on the bronzer and like. So stayed tuned as to my “new “spring look. In the mean time if you haven’t had a chance to give your two cents, feel free to do so now. The people want to know. Actually I want to know.

I think I’m becoming a narcissist.

Anyway… Spring Break is over. The kids are going back to school tomorrow and I am sad. They seem to have had the crappiest spring break ever. 2 Snow storms. It seems winter isn’t going down without a fight. Text to Mother nature: btw sprng is hr.

Oh yes we did stuff. We went swimming. We had two play-dates with a cousin. We had a Harry Potter marathon (spread over 5 days). We even went to an old-timers hockey game. I really would have like to do something outside though. Something other than shoveling snow. But now it is over and we are back to our regularly scheduled program. *sigh*

It is also the end of the month and I have two move outs to do and one move in. And I think one is going to be a nightmare as I don’t think they have found a place to live. I wish I could discuss this more but I can’t at least not right now. *sigh*

On a good note I finally got my seeds and I will be planting (starting) them tomorrow. Things will look up. They have too.


2 thoughts on “Le Sigh

  1. We had a horrible spring break too – the kids were sick all week long- we did nothing, aside from go to the children’s museum on Saturday, and even then, Jacob threw up on the way home. So, to me your spring break sounds wonderfully fun! 😀 And yay for your seeds!

  2. *Sigh* Our spring break officially started today and it has been awesome. So far we’ve had a trip to the doctor because megan is on deaths door and three hours of crying and whining from the other one because I wouldn’t allow him to play the wii for 8hrs straight, and my house look like a tornado has passed through. 6 days till they go back to school *sigh*.

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